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Pre course interviewing

Why interview

When to interview

Ideally interviewing is started at enrolment or before the class starts. However, it doesn’t all have to be done at once and there is no reason why interviewing can’t be spread out over an appropriate period of time.

How to interview

It is a good idea to ask the student to bring along a friend or family member or support worker who knows them well.

It is also advisable to let the student know before hand what to expect: what sort of questions you may be asking and if he/she should bring certificates or other information with them.

Make the interview process as comfortable and non-threatening as possible:

Reasons and goals

It is sometimes necessary to ascertain if a student is doing an activity because it’s what they want to do or because it fits in with a timetable or it is what someone else wants them to do. Initial questions to ask are:


Work skills

Where possible work these into a conversation rather than as direct unrelated questions.

For more information:

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